Available EFT Classes & LEARN TO TAP WELL


I no longer teach EFT classes for EFTUniverse; however, listed below are EFT Certification & Education classes I do recommend.

We have our own Christian sister, Cathy Reiling, teaching EFT Levels 1, 2, & 3 classes for EFT International  (now EFTi, formerly AAMET)  for both certification and for personal enrichment. 


Cathy Reiling will teach Levels 1 & 2 EFT training on these dates: You MUST attend all 4 class segments, as 4 classes constitute a full 3 day regular live class. 

This virtual class cuts out travel, hotels, and meal expenses.

CLASS CHOICE #1:  Saturdays, July 11, July 18, July 25, and August 1st, (probably) noon to 6 P.M. PDT (about 24 hours of EFT instruction). And that, my friends, is really jamming in the info! There is much to learn, so it's just the beginning of your EFT journey!

CLASS CHOICE #2: Saturdays September 12, September 19, September 26, and October 3rd. Same rule - 4 Saturdays constitutes a full Levels 1 & 2 class.

Because the classes are Zoom, attendance will be limited, so contact  Cathy Reiling soon to secure your spot: cathyreiling@gmail.com or  360-509-0953  (Washington State). 

These classes can be beneficial for a couple of things:

1). Take it for personal enrichment to teach you how to tap for YOURSELF. Without certification and proper trauma training, no one should be tapping with other people! You need the class skills and knowledge to keep others safe.

2). The class qualifies you to begin EFT mentoring with Cathy for certification.

Is God leading you toward tapping with others for their emotional needs? If so, here is your chance to learn from comfort of your own home.

Also come join us on EFT for Christians Facebook page. Cathy & I are now routinely teaching EFT for Christians Zoom classes. We post the classes on the Facebook page.

I can be reached via telephone (414-232-1612 - please text me first so I know you aren't a robo call!) or email (EFTforChristians@gmail.com)  should you want to inquire and discuss EFT Practitioner possibilities. I do have ideas and thoughts for you to consider.

Blessings in the Risen Savior, Jesus.

Find Out More about EFT Classes

I recommend EFT Tapping and Training  taught by Alina Frank and Craig Weiner.  

They are internationally known EFT Trainers for EFTi and they teach EFT worldwide. 

Email me directly should you have more questions about EFT training. We have other Christian Practitioner groups we would love for you to join, so let me know your certification plans please. I would like to add you to our certified Christian EFT Practitioner referral list, too.


CE's are available for professional mental health therapists.

Click button below to find their EFT class schedule.

Tapping Out of Trauma Class

This class, along with a new companion class, Tapping Out of Trauma 2, is for the EFT Practitioner who wants to have a more trauma-informed EFT practice. 

These classes are held twice a year, on-line, with CEs for professional mental health workers.

EFT MBA Business Program

Take this step by step intensive program to learn HOW to grow your EFT business.

Offered yearly, this one on one business mentorship might be the program you are looking for to finally get you where you want to go in the EFT world.